Tuesday, August 31, 2010

pully type cloth dryers in bangalore

pully type cloth dryers in bangalore:
Roof Hanger fully down (ordinary model):
Offers Space saver, roof hanger for cloth drying pulley system. Can be used in Balcony and Varandas. Material steel less steel.
    Sixe Varies - 6X2, 8X2, 10X2. Free installation is done. Entire World Keeping
    ourselves abreast with the latest market requirements and technological advancements, we manufacture and export metal cloth hangers
Incorporated in the year 1990, ours is a team of young, vibrant and dynamic individuals, committed to deliver the best of products and services at competitive prices within the stipulated time period

JSD Roof Hangers

57, South Dhandapani Street,
T Nagar,(Behind Krishnaveni Theatre )
Chennai – 600 017.
Phone : 044-24321649

Mobile :9578767519
Email : info@chennairoofhanger.com

Web site : www.chennairoofhanger.com

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